Samsung Kies Air

The Kies Air app is used to syncing your mobile to your pc or laptop or Macbook. In addition to Samsung Kies, Samsung has the following pc suites for download:

You can download all these PC suites for free on Samsung official website. Samsung Kies software download is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to install Samsung Kies

Step 1)  First visit Samsungs official site to free download Samsung Air.









Step 2) Here you will see the most popular products, click them for a quick download link. If your phone is not there find it by select: ”mobile phone”.  Then select a subtype: ”Smartphone”. Now you can select a Model Numer of your choice.  Click the manuals & downloads button.

Step 3) The manual page will open, but what you need to do is to open the software page.


Step 4) When the software page is open you can download Kies Air or another samsung pc suite.

What is Kies Air used for?

After you download the Kies Air software, check out the samsung kies tutorial movies. The following 10 tutorials can be viewed:

  • Sync contact and schedule
  • Sync music, photos, video
  • Firmware upgrade
  • add new contacts
  • Back up & Restore mobile phone data
  • Purchase Applications
  • Create music playlist
  • Subscribe to Podcast
  • Save taken photo/video
  • Transfer contacts to new mobile phones

If these video tutorials helped you, please share this page on social media, because we want to make it as simple for anyone.

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