How to recover deleted photos from kies

Here are two questions from our community members:

I made the mistake of syncing my phone pictures and computer pictures post my download and deletion of the photos from my phone to my computer; which originated from my phone. I had to get them transferred to my computer as the memory was VERY LOW.

Post the sync both my computer and my phone have thumbnail versions of the pictures and no longer the 1.6 mb original files. So all the work I did to clean up my phone, kies not only reloaded the photos back on to my phone, it did so in tiny files formats 100kb and also replaced my large format files on my computer to tiny 100kb files as well. This really pisses me off considering how long it took me to get everything just right. Wasted over 16 hours of my time.

Please tell me I can get my files back; the large formats 1.6mb as the tiny 100kb are of no use to me. PLEASE HELP ME, Are they somewhere in my computer temp files?

I wanted know how can i recover photos that were removed from my samsung Galaxy S3 – I saw them all one day then they all disappeared from cell and no where to be found on computer – This happened when experimenting with Kies and my Mac- I also lost everything pertaining to emails associated with the month of March 2014-

How can i recover all these images and emails?

Please watch this video below for the answer on how to recover deleted photos from samsung galaxy phones.

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