How to solve kies air java problem?

Kies Air Java problemKies Air relies on Java for most of its functions. This fact has got mixed reviews from users, and some of them have reported problems when running Kies Air on their PCs. Below you will find a quick guide to solving Kies Air Java problem so that you can make the most of this data transfer software programme.

Multiple file transfer cannot be performed

Some Android users have been unable to transfer more than one file at the time. Take the following steps to solve this issue:

  • Open the Java control panel
  • Go to the “Security” tab
  • Launch Kies on your Android device
  • Go to “Exception Site List” (under “Security” tab), type in your Android device IP address and click on “Add”
  • A security warning message will appear. Click “Continue” and “OK” and you should now be able to transfer multiple files.

Kies Air can’t be launched on Windows 8

Some Windows 8 users have reported getting an error message when trying to run Kies Air. The message received is along the lines of “Unable to Launch Application”, followed by several Java error codes. To solve this issue, uninstall both Java and Kies, re-install Kies, and do the same with Java, making sure that you have the latest version. These steps must be followed in this precise order.

Java not recognised

Are you trying to transfer files to your PC and Kies Air keeps asking you to install Java even though it’s already installed? Then go to Start, type “Java” in the search box, select “Configure Java”, go to the “Advanced” tab, click on “Certificate Revocation Check”, and disable it (“do not check” option). Relaunch the browser and Kies and everything should work smoothly.

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