How to use Kies Bluetooth Technology to Manage Your Devices

You can use the Kies Bluetooth application to manage all of the Samsung devices that you own. The Bluetooth feature allows you to maintain complete control over the files on every one of your devices, whether you own a Galaxy Ace Plus, S Duos or any other gadget in the Samsung family. You can save lots of time and hassle by downloading this application and using it when you want to share video and images.

Avoid Using Cables Completely with Bluetooth

Bluetooth has several advantages over Wi-Fi and having it on devices that are compatible with Kies makes all of these advantages available to you. Once you install the Kies Bluetooth software on your computer and on any other gadgets that you own, you will not need to use cables to share files between them ever again.

This is extremely helpful when you do not have access to a USB cable or simply want to keep your work area looking neat. Cables can be unsafe and contribute to accidents. They are also less aesthetically pleasing. With this app, you can share ringtones and other sound data easily.

Save Time on Downloading Videos and Images with Kies Bluetooth

Computer users sometimes have favourite videos on their phone that they want to be able to access by using their computer. Similarly, they may have photos on their personal computer (PC) that they want to be able to view on their phone whenever they choose. Downloading the files from one device to another would typically be the most popular option for people who want files on their computer to also be accessible on their phone.

The Kies Bluetooth download allows you to communicate wirelessly between Samsung devices and those that use the Windows operating system. This means that if you have videos on your personal computer, you can use Kies to sync your Samsung mobile phone with your computer. Syncing the devices makes files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive available to be viewed on your phone. By using this method, you can cut down on the time that you would take to download all of the videos on your PC to your phone.

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