Kies mini download for samsung galaxy s3, s4, vibrant, mac, captivate and more.

On the homepage you will see a guide Kies Air download, that’s the full version. Their is also a mini version which you can use for updating purposes, this version is the so called Kies Mini. Kies mini is supported by Windows, hopefully Mac is on their way.

There is also a handy document released by Samsung, you can download it here: upgrading for Kies Mini.

It’s important to know that Kies mini is supported bij less mobile phones that the full version of kies. You can easily connect your phone with an usb cable with your computer, so that kies mini can update your phone. Make sure you don’t disconnect while processing. Sometimes the phone will switch of, but after you put it back on, you are all set. Also make sure that anti virus programs while installing Kies are switched off, because these programs may interrupt the download process.

Kies Mini connection problem

  • When you have trouble connecting your phone with Kies Mini most of the times it’s because you don’t have enough memory on your phone. Remove some applications or datas, so that a connection can be made. If this doensn’t work you can also remove your MicroSD Card.
  • A connection problem can also result in an error message wininet.dll. This can be solved if you remove Internet Explorer 9, this browser can be the fault why Kies Mini is not working.
  • If you lose the connection, than you should close Kies Mini and start it again so that it will search for updates. After the updates your connection problem should be solved.

Requirements for using Kies Mini

You need a USB data cable and you must make sure that you remove alle the previous installed software from Samsung Kies or drivers from Samsung and restart your PC. And make sure your mobile is fully charged while updating.

  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Running Either Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  • All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs Should Be Disabled
  • Administrative Privileges Required To Download & Install Software Including Drivers
  • An Available USB Port On The PC That Supports USB 2.0

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