Kies or Smart Switch

Samsung Kies is known as the software that can be used for transferring the data between Samsung devices. However, Samsung Kies is not supported by new devices such as Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge.

That’s why the software has been replaced by Smart Switch Mobile. Nevertheless, a lot of people still continue to use Kies. Here, we are going to talk about the competitive advantages of Samsung Smart Switch over Kies.

Smart Switch Can Be Used both for Mobile and PC

There are two versions of Samsung Smart Switch. One version of the software can be used on mobile devices. Another version of the software is used for PC devices. Samsung Smart Switch can be used for Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download the software from Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps.

Smooth Data Transfer Process

Samsung Smart Switch is different from other mobile applications for its easy data transfer process. You will need to make a few clicks only in order to transfer the data from one device to another one.

Easy to Use

Samsung Smart Switch is easy to use software. Let’s suggest that you need to transfer your data from PC to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. First of all, it is necessary to install the program on both devices. It doesn’t take a lot of time for you to run Smart Switch. All that you need to do is to run small size exe file. The installation is not required. You also will need the USB cable to connect to your PC with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge devices. The software will do all the necessary work automatically. So, you don’t need to install Samsung USB driver.

Additional Features

In fact, Samsung Smart Switch has all functions that Kies has. However, the software provides its users with a much friendlier environment. Samsung Smart Switch can be considered as the updated version of Samsung Kies.

Samsung Smart Switch has some features which Samsung Kies doesn’t have. For example, users of the Smart Switch can backup and restore the data easily. So, you will have a splendid opportunity to backup all the necessary data on PC before beginning the data transfer. When the data transfer is complete you will be able to restore the data on the device easily and quickly.

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