Samsung Kies for Mac

Kies Air is suitable for Mac. The new service from Samsung is ready for install on any computer also the Mac operating system. Samsung Kies is user-friendly so that both young and old can work with the software. The time of cables is over. When you use Samsung Kies it’s so easy to get your photo’s from your mobile on your pc. Kies Air for mac is suitable for Galaxy S / SII and Wave I / II mobile phones and the Galaxy Tab. It looks a bit like the iTunes menu it’s easy to use and with Samsung Apps you can put all the apps on your phone.

Samsung Kies Mac


How to sync a Galaxy S3 or S4 with your Mac using Kies

Open Kies on your Mac, than click Music under Library folder and click add music files. Go to Music under Media than select all your music from Itunes and click open. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Shutdown Kies to save battery life for Macbook

When you don’t use Kies on your Macbook we recommend you to shutdown the program, because this will save you a lot of battery life so you can use your mac way longer. You can do this by: go to ”go” then ”utilities” than start up your ”Activity Monitor”. The higher your ”cpu” is the more battery life is taken from your Mac. Go to the search field and search for ”kies”. Select kies and force quetting. If you search for ‘directory’ you will see the your ”cpu” is way lower which let you use your macbook way longer because it saves a lot of battery life of your macbook.


Samsung Kies Mac Requirements

  • OS
  • CPU
  • Minimum memory size (RAM)
  • Free hard drive space
  • MacOS X version 10.5 or later
  • 1.8GHz Intel or faster processor
  • 512MB or more
  • At least 100MB (recommended)

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